Hey were christine and Stacey and we make Imagines,one shots,ships, and drawings,prefrences,etc. (check out our submission page. Message us if you'd like to know more about us(:

extra credit mr styles? -stacey

Imagine if Zayn fell for you at first sight.

Honesty Time?

Is anyone up to ask me questions? Leave them here. Thaanks c: 

- Christine x

HEYYY GURRL:) Stopped by to say that i love you AND your blog! also that i hope you have an absolutely gorgeous day today!

Aw thank you! I did have a gorgeous day haha c: 

-Christine x

Reblog if you’ll answer anything in your ask right now.

first 50| mbf me | no likes | 2 promos to 17k

Imagine if Harry dedicated a song just for you. 

I missed youuuuu :3

Aww you did? That is so sweet :) 

- Christine 

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on since forever. I apologize. I’ll be making more imagines today 

'cause I'm cool like that. 

-Christine x

Imagine being Niall’s date at a event. 

Imagine being Niall’s date at a event. 

i eat frog legs with nutella and roasted roaches

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